What's the first step in creating a multimedia project?

That first step is a clear understanding of your needs. Gary does this with an in depth analysis of your company’s goals, strategic business plan and even your targeted audience. He studies your past and present business solutions and with an overview of your capabilities, he then builds a solid foundation for a professional multimedia campaign.

MULTIMEDIA – noun: (the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media)

Gary can add music, video, voice over, photos, animation, custom programming and special effects to your next multimedia project. Gary owns the domain MultimediaDesigner.com, and operates a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people about presentations.

Gary can manage your project from start to finish, including everything from the design and programming to product packaging. He can design and execute pieces like video and/or PowerPoint that will make your multimedia presentation experience worry free.


GPVI can create a DVD disc so you can store your company’s promotional videos, multimedia presentations or photos on one disk. The DVD media holds up to 4.7 GB of video, data files and more. He can also supply custom designed sleeves and plastic carrying cases, which are ideal for DVD storage and any DVD library.